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Lost Explorer Reviews

Reviews of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and other written works

About Lost Explorer Reviews

We are a small team (husband and wife) who wanted to give a hand to indie authors and small press publishers.

We know how hard it is to follow your dreams, especially for authors who self-publish their work. It’s a hard process with little reward at the end. That’s why we offer to review the books sent to us from new and emerging authors. We do all this in our free time, and we are not compensated in any way for our work. Our reviews are posted on Goodreads and Amazon where they will benefit the authors.

We know that indie authors and small press publishers sometimes don’t have the resources to professionally edit or proof their works as well as the larger publishers. For that reason, we do not focus on grammar and punctuation.

Our opinions are our own, and we make no claim to be experts in reviewing books, poetry, or anything else here. We have different tastes, so our reviews might change over time — or they might be different from yours. And that’s fine!

We try to read and review every small-press book sent to us, but our list is long so it might take us a long time to get to everyone. However, if you would like to submit your own work to be reviewed, please send us an email.

We hope you enjoy these reviews, but more importantly, we hope you find something you’d like to read and support these writers.

-Aaron and Hillary (Lost Explorer Reviews)

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What are people saying?

E. G. R.

Brilliant! Thank you!

Samuel H

Thank you again for doing this for the writing community! Getting reviews is one of the biggest struggles for us indie authors.

Daniel L

What a fantastic thing to do for the writing community!

Sahreth B

Awesome! Thank you so much! I just super appreciate the help and your thoughts.

Patrick T

An in-depth review of our collection. The reviewer makes a lot of good points, both in favor of and opposed to, regarding the book. Makes me feel like Randy Jackson reviewed us: Firm, but fair.

Adam W

Thanks for reading! I really appreciate the thoughtful review! Also, I love reading [your] straight up synopses of the book.

Davene LG

Honestly can’t thank you enough for your incredible review and support! Thank you for your honest review, I appreciated your insightful feedback.

G. G.

Nicely written review!

Julian F

Awesome! Thanks for supporting indie books & #smallpresslove


I'm grateful for what you're doing!!! Thanks a lot.

LIsa K

Thanks for the support, it's much appreciated - reviews are so important for us #indieauthors .

Scott B

What a wonderful gift to the indie #WritingCommunity.

Stephen H

Free, honest reviews. There are so many people wanting to make money from giving you made up ones at a price.

Celadon Bay Stories

I really like what you're doing, and I hope with all my might that you succeed so people out there can take example and do the same.

Alternative Stories Podcast

Love this idea.

Antara O

Thank you so much for your helpful review of my book of ghost stories.