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Lost Explorers Club


Unique writing. Professional editing. Healing.

The Lost Explorers Club is my collection of creative projects, healing work, and more. Whether it is expressing my imagination through the pen or helping others heal through meditations, I manifest the spirit of a lost explorer.

Recent Posts

July 29, 2023

How Can We Consider New Ideas in a Healthy Way?

I like talking about ideas. Not just my own, but ideas in general. Specifically, I like talking with someone and seeing how their or my own ideas evolve over time.…
February 18, 2023

Poisoned Fields: a Culture of Violence

How a worldview based on conflict cannot support spiritual peace   Sometimes when I have a quiet moment, I try to think about what parts of my life are really…
February 11, 2023

The Way We Teach Spirituality is Wrong

Like millions of parents before me, I have often sat and pondered about the things I want my daughters to experience — the talents I want them to develop, the…
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