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Note: Annals of an Empire is a completed manuscript currently being submitted to literary agents. If you are interested in learning more, please contact me.


Annals of an Empire is the story of Marcus, an honorable soldier, who must sacrifice his values to stop a corrupt politician from committing genocide at any cost, but quickly realizes that “any cost” may be more than some people are willing to pay, especially when you lose.

Marcus prides himself on always doing what’s right. So, when a conspiracy is discovered that threatens the lives of millions of people, Marcus knows he’s the man for the job. With the help of a disillusioned entertainer, he sets off to save the people at risk, his family, and the country he loves.

As he unravels the plot, he finds himself deeper and deeper in the dark world of crime and evil he has fought so hard to destroy, only now he must sacrifice his own values and integrity to keep going. When he finally corners those who are responsible, he learns the terrible truth: his own government has betrayed them, and now it’s too late to stop it. Now Marcus must decide if it’s worth doing the right thing even if it means fighting a losing battle.

In the end, Marcus, and those around him, pay a heavy price for the choices he makes.

This book combines the intimate science fiction told through multiple characters of Tiamat’s Wrath (8th book of The Expanse) with the deadly political intrigue of A Memory Called Empire.


Annals of an Empire


Hard Science Fiction

Market and Word Count

Adult – 130,000 words

Scroll down to see what select reviewers and beta readers have said about the book. To learn more, or read a sample yourself, reach out to me through my contact form below.

Strong writing, great conflict and stakes throughout.” – Holly I. Editor

It’s one of the best sci-fi novels I’ve read… I’m amazed that you can create such well rounded characters in the short scenes they feature in; I aspire to be able to do that.”

-Mallory M.

“This is interesting! Congratulations on creating a female villain that is worthy of being recognized as a villain! It’s refreshing to see women elevated as just as evil […] That had me perk up.”

-Jodi P.

Reminds me of reading Starship Troopers by Robert A. Heinlein.”

-Allen S.

“Considering Sci-Fi is very heavy and hard to read, having a little fun at the end of [a] chapter can keep the reader interested… I think this is important to such a fact-heavy genre. It keeps it easier to read especially if you’re trying to engage younger readers, too.”

-Lauralynn S.

I’d love to share my manuscript or query with you! If you’re an agent or a publisher, please let me know.

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