Annals of an Empire pits an honor-bound military commander and a disillusioned entertainer against an intergalactic plot that would kill millions as part of a politician’s sweeping quest for power. The choices and compromises made in this struggle force the protagonists to see how far they will bend before sacrificing the values most important to them.

Corrupt Chairman, Tyke, releases an airborne toxin to induce homicidal rage in peoples’ subconscious against a genetically-enhanced minority race. It is up to Marcus Braddock, a principled military commander bound by honor and duty to figure out who is behind the catastrophe and stop it at all costs.

The Empire is thrown into disarray as Marcus sacrifices his values to accomplish what he sees as the ultimate good. In the end many are dead as a result of Marcus’ crusade, and he pays a heavy price for compromising his honor.

This book combines the intimate science fiction of Dune told through the multiple-character perspective of The Expanse. This book explores the tragic results of when characters pursue noble goals at any cost, and redemption stories are left unfinished.


Annals of an Empire


Hard Science Fiction

Market and Word Count

Adult – 130,000 words

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It’s one of the best sci-fi novels I’ve read… I’m amazed that you can create such well rounded characters in the short scenes they feature in; I aspire to be able to do that. “

-Mallory M.

This is interesting! Congratulations on creating a female villain that is worthy of being recognized as a villain! It’s refreshing to see women elevated as just as evil […] That had me perk up.

-Jodi P.

Reminds me of reading Starship Troopers by Robert A. Heinlein.”

-Allen S.

“Considering Sci-Fi is very heavy and hard to read, having a little fun at the end of [a] chapter can keep the reader interested… I think this is important to such a fact-heavy genre. It keeps it easier to read especially if you’re trying to engage younger readers, too.”

-Lauralynn S.

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