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I do not charge by the hour.

I do not charge per word.

The right words in the right hands can make all the difference in the world. We know when somethings sounds good in our ears, we recognize when something is worth memorizing, and can recount worthwhile lines and passages.

I don’t write nouns, adjectives, and paragraphs. I write music.

When I write for you, I create a version of you made up of ink and paper. The act of writing stirs the soul into a blissful expression of the fantastic, I believe that reading it should illicit the same reaction.

That is why I do not charge by the hour. The perfect piece can be written on the back of an envelope on the way to Gettysburg, or undergo hundreds of revisions while traveling Spain, unpublished for decades.

I charge what I believe the final work is worth. I work until my piece is perfect, and whether that takes five minutes or two years the price remains the same.

What Can I Do For You?


Including websites, investment prospecti, marketing briefs, business analysis, marketing decks, manuals, handbooks, etc.

Long-Form Articles

Including ghostwriting, interviews, executive summaries, memos, online articles, etc.

Creative Writing

Includes writing and editing short stories, poetry, advertising campaigns, social media copy,

Public Speaking and Presentation

With a long history of public speaking, speech-writing, and aiding and editing other performances, my expertise will make you sound, and most importantly, look like a natural.

Editing and Tutoring

I take a unique approach in my training, that I believe everyone has the ability to write, but in their own way. I don't waste time on grammar or syntax, those are the foundation, the basics. I focus on unlocking the passion behind writing, and communicating ideas effectively.

Something Else?

Have something else that involves words but can't quite find the right person that understands your vision? Aren't able to describe effectively the concept in your mind? Look no further. A true writer is able to put the un-expressible into words. Whatever it is you need, we can accomplish it together.

For indie authors, small press publications, and self-published writers, I also offer affordable, professional line and copy editing services for fiction, including short stories, novels, and everything in between.

Let's Write Something

Have a project in mind, or want to spitball ideas? Set up a one-on-one meeting and let's get started.

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