Still good work. You're an awesome writer. I literally cried when I read your version. Felt it in my heart.

Sonya Jackson, Director of Personal Branding, IdeaBooth

I thought it was great. It was a pleasure to edit. There were some great lines. We need to make more use of this talent.

Mark Beeching, Partner BGOFormer Worldwide Chief Creative Officer, Digitas

It's difficult to write about such existential issues without becoming too scholarly or trite. It's tempting to share personal wisdom as a vehicle for self-promotion. My hat is off for the author's economy of words, clarity of thought, and tangible conclusions.

Kemer Thomson

Well-written, well-analyzed, well-researched. A fantastic job laying out the framework of the war within the paradigm of the theories. Demonstrates a clear understanding of the subject-matter.

Kaeli Joy Anderson, PhD

Aaron is an exceptional writer whose work exquisitely blends familiarity and freshness. He is also a diligent editor who maintains consistent voice and stays ahead of production schedules.

Erick Diaz

I tremendously admired the consistency and discipline of his creative output. The quickness and clarity of his writing was something I sought to learn from him. Also, I think sometimes he understood the voice of his clients more than they did themselves. Aaron has what small, agile team needs and seek: the ability to execute with a deft touch, the propensity to produce under mounting priorities, and the intelligence to cut through the clutter to get to the heart of anything.

Louis Eunsang Oh

Aaron's knack for strategic writing taught me a great deal about finding voice and purpose in branded content. Aaron’s open-minded attitude and writing prowess are second to none, and his feedback on my pieces were instrumental to their value

Steven Haupert

An award-winning short story writer, I am a professional wordsmith, specializing in long-form copy-writing, creative writing, and personal branding. I am a novelist in-process, and a calligraphy hobbyist.

I write for C-class executives around the world from the UK, Singapore, and the US.

I provide copy-writing for websites from India to Vietnam.

My work has been featured on, Huffington Post.

A Lost Explorer

When you hear the term, Lost Explorers Club, what comes to mind? What would someone who is a Lost Explorer do? What goes through their mind? When someone who is supposed to push the boundaries finds themselves lost without direction, what do they do?

Whatever came to your mind when I ask that question. That is what I consider myself to be. The traits that best describe a Lost Explorer, are the same that define and direct my style of writing.

Fearless. Determined. Unwavering.

I believe there will always be new frontiers to brave, exciting new adventures upon which to embark. The most exciting of which exist in our minds, and the best way of mapping them, is through the written word.

Whether it is personal branding, online articles, website copy, or creative writing, every word is an opportunity to peer into the soul of a person, and explore the colorful, vibrant, undying frontier of their mind.

I believe that we type like we speak, but when we write with a pen and paper, our thoughts pour out of us like waterfalls, which is why I choose to write by pen for my work. I put a little of myself in each stroke of the nib, explore a little further into your and my mind with every line.


There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.
-Ernest Hemingway

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