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Healing is a journey

And you are your best doctor.

The native peoples of every culture, on every continent, believed that all physical ailments were manifestations of an illness in the soul. There was no point in treating the physical malady without also treating the source of the illness within the spirit. This is why medicine men and tribal healers were just as experienced treating wounds as they were hosting spiritual and religious ceremonies.

It was all healing.

When we focus our spiritual efforts on the lives of others, on the actions of others, we are starving our souls of universal healing. When we focus our efforts on healing the damage in our own souls, we heal the world around us and spread love, compassion, and charity.

We should all try our best to help each other heal the wounds in our hearts as we walk each other back home to our cosmic destinies. And whether it's teaching how to dive into your deep subconscious through breathing techniques, healing through meditation, inducing altered states of consciousness to relieve stress and connect to the Earth, or facilitating encounters with Diety beyond the bounds of our reality, this is my small contribution to the healing work that our world needs.

Please share with those who could use a helping hand in their healing journeys, or reach out if you want to work together.

Many blessings,

Aaron Webber

I feel like an instrument that finally got tuned. I'm more level-headed.

AnonymousHome: California

Normally when my family drama gets too toxic I'd argue back and get lost in the toxicity. Now I just walk away. All thanks to you guys!!!

AnonymousHome: California

I really feel like my priorities shifted. I can focus on what's important. And now my wife wants to set up a meditation with you!

AnonymousHome: Arizona

Your music was perfect. It was really lovely. It felt like I was actually taking the time to 'smell the roses'.


I don't even know what to say other than thank you. I thought of you and your steady energy and it really helped me through.

AnonymousHome: Pennsylvania

Really good, man!!!

AnonymousHome: Utah

It was hard, it was scary. But I processed so much trauma. I let it all go.

AnonymousHome: Arizona

guided meditations 

guided meditations 

guided meditations 

guided meditations 

guided meditations 

guided meditations 

Our guided meditations begin with basic Zen practices before opening a dialogue with questions and visualizations for you to contemplate, followed by extended mediation. We use basic sounds and instruments, original narration, and pre-recorded soundscapes to communicate the peace and harmony we felt during composition. Use these recordings in your own at-home sessions, or adapt them to your needs.

As God sees you

Contemplate on your true self and imagine what it’s like to see yourself as the One Great Being sees you.

Listen now

True communication

Learn how to communicate without words as you sit in Love, rest in Peace, and see the perfection of the Universe

Listen now

Layers of Reality

Ponder on the layers of who you consider to be the “real you.” In which layer of reality do you live your life?

Listen now

Healing Breathwork

Dive into your deep subconscious with trained breath work. Resolve trauma, overcome suppressed memories, and heal forgotten wounds.

Short sessions

Sessions typically last less than three hours, including preparation, breathing, and integration.


Breathers experience increased awareness in daily life and resolution of past traumas


Breath work is safe and can be terminated by the breather at any time.


No outside influence or direction from your breathing sitter, your healing is entirely self-directed.

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