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In the 23rd century, ice covers the Earth and sailors hunt giant bears to survive. For Jonah, adventure turns to terror when the Frozen Baron destroys their ship and captures the crew. What can a rookie sailor do to escape the clutches of the pirate and survive the deadly wasteland?

The Frozen Baron is a short story included in the anthology, Pirates of the Empyrean, a collection of short stories all about pirates and piracy:

Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum! Whimsy and swashbuckling adventure combine in this vast bounty of pirate stories. Jump aboard the Wicked Lass, the Anchovy, or the Red Rose as they ply the seven seas and seven dimensions in search of plunder. Come treasure hunting in vast spaceship graveyards or stowaway on an airship bound for exotic fantasy realms. Space whales are calling, as are the bears of the frozen tundra, and there is excitement and loot to be had. But beware, the pirates of the empyrean seek to pillage your hearts and fill your minds with visions of gold.


The Frozen Baron


Science Fiction

Market and Word Count

7,000 words

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