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“This is a great story! I don’t have much experience with rural Kentucky, but your story made me feel like I was there. I loved your ending! Amazing use of dramatic irony for suspense and an ominous aura. Very well written.”
“Oh my goodness!”
“This was really great to read. Some really nice moments. You do a good job of mixing suspense and humour, and the dialogue sounded natural. This really made me smile.”
“Super intense! The connection of the attacks was very creative, great that you could come up with that at all, let alone in 8 days.”

Short Story

Our Own Land

A Kentucky detective investigates the death of a local farmer. After asking the old woman next door what happened, she realizes too late the sweet old lady is more than she appears.

Flash Fiction (Drama)

The Choice

A robbery gone wrong forces a young man to commit the ultimate crime. When his conscience begins to haunt him to confess the truth, he must choose between family and doing the right thing.

“Writing like this is concise and sharp. You outline for the reader the exact situation of Bradley, without taking up precious words to do it. Nicely done! I also like that the ending is up for interpretation. Overall, a fantastic story. Good job!”
“This story is easy to follow and jumps seamlessly into believable and fairly likeable characters. I loved your ambiguity. That was an excellent choice.”
“That was really fun!  I loved the tension in such a short piece; it had a real tell tale heart aspect to it.  Nicely done.  I also liked the hanging ending.”

“If I had ten thumbs, I would be giving you ten thumbs up for the ending. I hate but love the cliffhanger. The rest of the story really made me invested in the characters! Does he redeem himself? Does he go down the dark path?! I must know.”

“This story does a great job of establishing tension and gripping the reader, taking them for a ride. There’s not a single boring sentence in this entire story!”

“Loved it! I was not expecting it to be this funny, but I loved reading it to see what would happen. Definitely need to finish the story!”
“Such a fun story!”
“I can’t get over the realism, I loved how realistic this is! It’s dark and funny and I could actually see this happening. I’m sure I could see my father having this conversation with a stranger! The realism is fantastic. Keep up the good work, and keep up the great story telling!”

Short Story

The Devil Went Down to Farmers Street

A man is stranded at night when a mysterious stranger appears with a tempting deal.


The Musings of Og

The various impressions and enlightenments of a hitherto unseen and unknown world upon the mind of a humble tribesman as he is reluctantly forced to emigrate his home and discover new frontiers

A memoir.

“A really unique concept […] The use of the night vision goggles was SUPER creative, I love it! The relationship between your two characters developed very naturally.”
“I found myself smiling a lot during this story and loved the concept a lot.. I liked the protagonist and laughed […] I like dialogue driven pieces so loved that in here.”
“I now care way too much about these characters and want to see what happens next. What am I supposed to do about that? (If you do end up writing more about them, please send it to me). But seriously, really good story you did here. I don’t usually read romance, but now I want to because of you. The way you had the two characters interact was great. I really got lost in the story and felt like I was seeing this date happens.

Also, I want to mention that I laughed with them a lot, especially at the part with the water glass. Really great story.

“I thoroughly enjoyed this story! I thought it was extremely creative without feeling forced.”

Flash Fiction (Romance)

Blind Love

(9th place finisher)

When a woman is stood up for her blind date at a new dark restaurant, a helpful waiter finds himself mistaken for her missing date. Caught up in the moment, they quickly discover that, when everything is dark, love is what you end up seeing.

Short Story

The Tree Hugger

In the not-too-distant future, trees are grown and used for computers. But when the computers start thinking for themselves, what do you do with the old ones?


We Believe

We believe in many things, but we don’t believe in each other.


The Two Brothers

Two brothers, one rich, one poor, neither wealthy with compassion. When one dies, what does the other do?


Watching the Stars

In the old days, people would navigate using the stars. When we no longer look at the stars, what do we use instead?


I Know Not (Allfather)

Do you know what happens when you die? More importantly, how will you feel?