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Edge of The Breach

Title: Edge of the Breach (Rift Cycle #1)

Author: Halo Scot

Format reviewed: Ebook

Length: 514 pages

I had heard so much about this book, and I was really excited to get to read it. I found the idea of the world absolutely intriguing and fascinating. It is refreshing to find sci-fi/fantasy that have a wholly original take on where “magic” comes from, or how the world functions.

I really enjoyed the world of this story, and the background of the universe that the author built, I could tell there were going to be many fun and really intense stories to follow. However, for some reason, I could not continue reading this book.

I’m not sure if I was reading it during a particularly dark time of my life, and I wasn’t able to handle the darkness of the story, but I did not enjoy the primary characters, and could not buy into their struggle or story. For me, there wasn’t enough “positivity” in the early chapters to keep me invested in the story, and I found the main character, Julian, completely unlikeable. Perhaps our personalities clash too much, in which case, my hat is off to the author for crafting such a believable jerk!

One day I will pick it back up since I want to know how the story ends. For those who like grim-dark universes and dark fantasy, this is for you.

Review: 3/5 stars

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