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Books by Aaron Webber

The following novels are my current unpublished works. They are being submitted, or have been submitted, to agents and publishers. Their stories wait in lonely flash drives and browning manuscript pages in my office, awaiting the day I summon the courage to rewrite them, throw them away, or they are rescued by an agent or a publisher who loves them as much as I do.

Click on each image to learn more about a completed manuscript.

I hope you enjoy reading about them, and if you have any questions, comments, or anything else, I’d be happy to hear from you.

Annals of an Empire

Genre: Hard Sci-Fi for adults

First in a trilogy

An honorable soldier must sacrifice his values to stop a corrupt politician from committing genocide at any cost. He quickly realizes that “any cost” may be more than some people are willing to pay, especially when you lose.

Alex and the Gods

Genre: Light sci-fi for young adults

First in a series

Going to a new school is hard enough when you’re a ten-year-old girl, but it’s harder when you have autism and an emotionally abusive mother and distant father. Throw in an alien invasion, and fifth grade becomes impossible.