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Watching The Stars

By April 14, 2017February 11th, 2023Healing, Writing

A long time ago in not-so-distant lands
When the only things tweeting were birds
It was far more common to have calloused hands
And everyfolk paid mind of their words

Those who would journey to find something new
Would often look to the skies
To guide them and help them to not go askew
For the stars in the heavens never tell lies

They’d see something bigger, and greater, than them
To lighten the path far ahead
If they would only trust first, and not condemn
They’d wind up some place far happier instead

Back then a bad hair day was never a thing
And a perfect pie nary a care
No pictures to post, or comments that sting
Or the day-to-day issues of “perfection” laid bare

They looked up, and around, got lost and got found
And not just in filters and hip sizes
They were part of a whole, something glorious-bound
Not alone in a race of beauty without prizes

But today we look down, at a small little screen
Always, day in, and day out
We share the places we are, though hardly have seen
And everyone knows what we’re thinking about

When a hair has gone awry, we put it back in it’s place
For ours is the face we see the most
We stare at the floor, our palms; not the stars out in space
And worry all day about a stranger’s post

Where can you hope to go, when you stare at yourself?
When the stars do not guide you?
Posting pictures of books, just to put them back on the shelf
And nothing greater than yourself anywhere in view?

Like a man in a desert, you walk in a round
Propelled by those you like
Ignoring the “nays” with your head in the ground
Forming your own private, egotistical, reich

It’s no wonder to me, we have all lost our way
Chasing an unattainable goal
Believing we’ve always been right, ’til they days of our grey
And over those we disagree, we inevitably roll

It’s no wonder to me, we have all lost our way
When we are the greatest there is
When we’re guided by pride; forget why we kneel to pray
And say “This is my world, not his.”

It’s no wonder to me, we have all lost our way
And we no longer look to the stars
Just like it’s no wonder, when we will all have to pay
For feigning outrage online, while ignoring these brothers of ours

Aaron J. Webber

Author Aaron J. Webber

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