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We Believe

By April 4, 2019February 11th, 2023Healing, Writing

We believe many things

But we don’t believe in each other


We tell our kids they shouldn’t kill themselves

But support a world that tells them they’re worthless, stupid, helpless


We decry gun violence

But the biggest box-office successes all have people being shot


We love charity

But legislate it out of existence


We hate cops breaking the law

But tune in every week to police dramas where the bad boy cop breaks all the rules


We detest criminals

But do nothing to help those people before they become one


We love the idea of peace and harmony

But mock anyone who practices religion


We love the wild outdoors

But sacrifice our fellowmen to preserve it


We enjoy the stars, the animals, and the earth

Then do nothing to protect them


We condemn drug abuse

But we break down and destroy each other, so they have no other escape


We hate excess and extravagance

But tune in every day and give them our time and our adoration


We hate it when people won’t listen to us

But cry and lash out when someone proves us wrong


We can’t stand when people are fake

But flock to campaign rallies and politicians


We hate it when animals are abused and tortured

But cheer when we see people in the same situation


We have no patience when someone else isn’t as educated

But become offended when they try to teach us something new


We profess we don’t care about material things

Then protest when someone else has more than us


We boast that we don’t care what people think of us

Then post that opinion online and share and filter all day long


We flee the devastation of our homelands

But vote for the same policies when we get somewhere new


We believe we are garbage, useless, and boring

Then get offended when someone tells us we are


We protest that we are oppressed

Then celebrate when it happens to someone else


We complain about the reruns and remakes

But cry and tweet when something new is bad, boring, or offensive


We can’t stand those who believe in creationism

But don’t do anything about creating our own communities


We can’t stand those who believe in evolution

But refuse to evolve the bonds between each other


We paint those of other races as violent, prejudiced, or savage

Then act savagely when someone says the same about ours


We claim diversity is our strength

But mock any who think, act, or dress any different


We assign motive to our neighbors

Then require an hour to explain our own position


We believe we are intelligent enough to design the internet

but others are not smart enough to determine what is true or false on it


We believe mankind can steer itself to better, humane futures

But deny others the liberty to steer their own lives


We believe mankind is good

Then assume another’s motivation is evil


We believe mankind is naturally base

Then exhaust every option to excuse our own behavior


We believe that going to church is a commandment from God

Then easily forget that those laws apply outside the chapel


We believe many things

But we don’t believe in each other

Aaron J. Webber

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